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Raspberry Skywalker Infused Preroll


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It would be a missed opportunity if we didn’t make a pun about feeling high like you’re in outer space with a name like Raspberry Skywalker. But fear not, our 1-gram joints will take you there. Experience the explosion of sweet, herbaceous flavor with Raspberry Skywalker, a rare hybrid that combines the juicy essence of raspberries with the gassy, spicy notes of Skywalker OG for a one-of-a-kind and delightful experience. This strain is perfect for those who seek an appetite stimulant and a way to relax and escape daily stressors. Expertly crafted by blending Skywalker OG terpenes with natural botanical terpenes, Raspberry Skywalker is guaranteed to uplift your mood and put a smile on your face. Its mild body high is also known to soothe aches and pains, making it an ideal choice for a cozy night in. When stress, anxiety, or insomnia weigh you down, let Raspberry Skywalker be your nighttime companion. And when you need an extra boost on a tough day, its appetite-inducing properties will be here to help. Try our 1-gram Botanical Terpene-Infused Raspberry Skywalker pre-roll for a sweet escape.


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