All About Releaf Health

We are a geek collective whom enjoy the cannabis plant. Some of us like the high THC, some of us like the high CBD… bottom line we love and appreciate all things weed related.

Why is that you ask? Well we are surrounded by the best growers in the world and they are great partners in our mission to merge cannabis with tech. We are the ONLY cannabis licensee that has designed a cannabis pos/inventory management system. Told you we were geeks. We aint new to this… we true to this!

Our mission, aside from introducing the collaboration of cannabis & tech to people, hustlers really, that are serious and passionate about entering the cannabis field; is to ensure that our customers are receiving premium products at reasonable prices. You should no longer be hostage to mediocre product at a high cost. All of our products, cannabis & non-cannabis, are laboratory tested and guaranteed to be free of harmful pesticides and toxins. What we put in our bodies is VERY important to us!

Delivery Too?

Not only do we have great products, our customer service is bar none! Through our delivery model our operators provide a one of a kind, personalized delivery experience. After creating your profile and placing an order online, one of our trained and vetted operators will deliver your products discretely to your door. Upon delivery they will explain the products you purchased, answer any questions you may have and let you know of any upcoming events. You can choose on your profile to make them your preferred operator if you desire. Basically, your personal professional budtender and you never have to visit a dispensary again. Even Amazon can’t top that!


I look forward to seeing you soon!





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