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Trust the Process Tuesday

I've received some feedback that I am sharing too much of our process as opposed to just showing the end result. Well, TOO BAD! When I set out on this journey my team and I had very specific goals the main one being: We wanted to make a real and measurable impact. We saw what was happening in the industry in its infancy phases where people of color, especially black people, were not receiving the same benefits or advantages as others in the industry. If that wasn’t enough, there was high product demand but the small batch craft growers were the ones that were essentially being taken advantage of by being presented with cost per pound that even the black market would laugh at. Some people have come to the cannabis industry because they felt it would be a get rich quick idea. I’m here to tell you as a black person, more specifically a black WOMAN, it has been difficult to “hit the ground” running.

This has been a passion project for over 3 years. We had an original location that we thought we would be able to grow into only to find out later that our ideas for expansion, which were previously approved by the powers that be, would not work at that location. After spending thousands of dollars into the build out of our first location, our own personal money I might add as we don’t have any investors at the moment (if you are interested in investing in a dedicated black owned cannabis company, PLEASE hit me up); we had to pack up quickly and move as it would no longer suit our needs. As you know real estate availability along with finding the right location considering the zoning for dispensaries, was no easy feat but we found a location that I believe will be ideal and give us a strong presence in the community. Some of our followers, whether they click the follow button or just admire through the occasional search, have been with us from the very beginning and I want to show them our progress. Two of my favorite entrepreneurs that continue to inspire and encourage me as I journey through entrepreneurship are Raynell Steward and Jessica Dupart the owners of The Crayon Case and Kaleidoscope, respectively. Raynell aka Supa, gave a piece of valuable advice that your core customers want to see you grow, they want to feel a part of the process.

Jesseca aka Judy, coined the expression “Pray through the Process” which is what you HAVE to do because let me tell you, I have been met with more resistance, more rejection, more doubt than I had ever faced in my LIFE! I’ve purveyed nothing but positivity about entrepreneurship and will continue to do so but it is not for the meek or weak. I will continue to share as much as I feel comfortable with to encourage and inspire because when it’s all said and done; I want my companies to be synonymous with perseverance, strength and service; it’s the only way.

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